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Dialer Service Provider in Delhi

Are you looking for a dialer service in Delhi NCR India, you are in the right place, We are the reputed organization in automated dialer software service; dialer solutions make communication easy. All In One IT Solution provides the dialer software, as well as the necessary hardware and infrastructure to support the dialer service. We offer additional features such as call routing, call tracking, and call analytics.

All in One IT Solution is an auto dialing phone service provider company that offers a dialer calling service, which includes a software application that automates the process of making phone calls. Dialer services are often used in call centers to allow agents to make a large number of calls in a short period of time.

Dialer is a computerized solution that allows user to connect with potential customers. It filters out calls sent to voice mail, busy or disconnected and that aren’t answered.

Types of DIALERS


It automatically and simultaneously dials the phone numbers of different users as saved in the life. Once the call has been answered, the auto dialer either connects the call to live person plays a recorded message.

How an Auto dialer works?

Auto dialer is automating the outbound calling campaigns for call centers. The call deputy will need to select the dataset from which the outbound calls need to be made. Then, the auto dialer will initiate with calling the number of customers based on the dial ratio. There are chances that the customer has incorporated an answering machine or voicemails for the incoming calls. So, only when auto dialer recognizes that human is on other end of the call only then it routs the call to the deputy.


An (IVR) Interactive Voice Response system is a call center software tool that facilitates self-service call segmentation and routing by enabling callers to make choices using typed commands on the telephone keypad or spoken.

How IVR works?

Telephone network: Outgoing and Incoming telephone calls are routed over a VOIP network or regular (PSTN)Public Switched Telephone Network .

TCP/IP network: It is a standard Internet network, similar the ones that provide Internet and intranet connectivity in an office.

VXML telephony server: This is unique server which sits between the internet network and the phone network.

Application/web server: This is where the IVR software applications live. There might be various different applications on the same server, one for outgoing sales calls: one for voice-to-text transcription, one for customer service.

Databases: It contains real-time details that can be accessed by the IVR applications.


This keeps you in contact with the costumer 24/7. Press 1 Dialer is also compatible with debt collection solutions and voice broadcasting. It helps you to build a press-1 campaign through which you can engage more and more costumers with your services.


A business always needs a system that makes them able enough to communicate with their customers to keep the work going in a flow. The proficient ACD and smart IVR makes sure that you do not miss out on any inbound calls. The inbound dialer service help businesses in fixing customers queries and problems in the most fast, efficient and personalized way.

Automatic Call-routing

It is basically a call management process through which we can automatically distributes incoming calls according to the predefined set of instructions. Many times it is also referred as automatic call routing.

Call Recording and Back Up

It provides the effective tool to record the calls in HD format. Based on this , it enable call center manager to analysis the efficiency and inefficiency of the workers based on recorded conversations.

Real Time Deputy Monitoring

It gives access to get a track of real time deputy activity and availability status. By increasing the efficiency it enables you to manage the workforce in a easier , faster and efficient manner.

Enhancement in Efficiency

It is necessary to understand that productivity comes with efficiency in work. With a help to dialer enormous amount of time which goes in dialing numbers is reduced. As a result, user can focus and more time on sales calls, which result in higher and improved sales numbers.

Proficient Customer Service

With the help of efficient customer service reduces the probability of encountering with wrong and annoying people on the other end .It reduce the chances of dialing a wrong number and help user to focus on basic essential work. With this chance of getting to the genuine and right customers increases exponentially.

Detecting Answering Machine

Major and important tool of an auto dialer is that it can differentiate between answering machine and human beings.

Arranging Call Back

Many time this situation arises that agent is not able to connect to the customer and want to call the customer again to perform the telemarketing activities. This tool enables users to rearrange callbacks and reconnect with the customers. This helps users to boost telemarketing campaigns and increase customer connections.

Why We Are the Best Dialer Service Provider

All in one IT solutions was started in response to increasing need of High quality, low cost business process outsourcing services. Having seen the need to provide services in UK, USA, Germany and Australia based companies with call centre, Dialer Service Management and Back Office Solutions. With 100+ corporate and retail clients across India and overseas market, we at All In IT Solutions have become a key player in Tele communication market globally. We have been recognized as a Class “A” VOIP and dialer service provider end-to-end IP based solutions on diverse technology platforms.We envision to become most customer centric VOIP and dialer company excelling through our innovation approach to problem solving and customer service.

Dialer service provided by All IN ONE IT SOLUTIONS due to its variable features increase the efficiency and productivity of your business, its totally different from the traditional voice calls in following ways-

  • Spam/unknown call rejections
  • Toll free number facility for users
  • Low cost domestic and international call service
  • Maintenance of call records
  • Video conferencing sessions
  • User friendly interface
  • Call forwarding , queuing and availability
  • Auto Dialer
  • IVR
  • Press 1
  • Inbound Dialer
  • Yes, in All IN IT SOLUTIONS we provided exclusive personalized service to every customer as per their requirements. We are the reputed organization in voice over internet protocol service.

  • Increase reach to more customers
  • Improve customer experience and satisfaction
  • Increase deputy productivity
  • Provide reach to global market
  • Currently we are providing service in UK, Canada, USA, Australia, and Germany and according to demand of customers we give service to A-Z countries.

    We are the most affordable dialer service provider in the market. The cost of the dialer services is variable and depends on user to user their needs and usage.

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