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All in one IT solutions was started in response to the increasing need of High quality, low-cost Business Process Outsourcing services. With over 50+ corporate and retail clients across India, we at All in One IT solutions have become a key player in email marketing services.

What is a bulk email service?

Bulk email service is the action of sending one email to an enormous number of people at once. Coupons, updates, newsletters, marketing messaging and invitations, and numerous other things come under bulk emails. One has to make a list of opted-in subscribers and a marketing platform that can facilitate you to create and send emails to the masses in a short period.

Challenges with Bulk Emails

  • The biggest challenge while sending bulk emails is not to get flagged as unsolicited mail.
  • Giving personalized service to the clients according to their needs which includes sending personalized emails, and developing email for different clients and devices.
  • Getting service at a reasonable rate and a user-friendly service.
  • An adequate amount of tools and features to overcome the challenges that come with the campaign.
  • Information about the development of the campaign will help in taking the required changes in the campaign to scale it up and target a bigger customer base.

General Features Of Bulk Email Service

Various dimensions of email resources come up with no difficulty in use. It furnishes an instinctive copyholder to make an email formulation not so difficult. This executes anti-spamming scrutiny and has the potential to motorize the steps and sections of the data accessible in various ways. Almost all the email templates, social media alliances, and email programming. It provides impression as well as masterly support.

Create Attractive Campaigns

Without investing a large amount of time one can easily make emails with tools provided that are relevant, effective, impactful, and most importantly increase productivity of work.

Wise Segmentation

By using segmentation one can engage with the audience effectively and can understand the needs of the clients in a better way. With improved interaction and communication with the client, content as per their needs could be delivered.

Optimization of Time

With the help of customer-friendly support, we increase client engagement by sending emails from time to time. It helps the client to analyze and scales their work in a short time.

Real-Time Reports

One can keep a close eye on campaigns and their functionality. Can analyze and take wise calls for the future endeavors of the campaign. Making small changes in the campaign from time to time helps a lot in scaling up of campaign and reduces the margin of error in work.


Automation of repetitive tasks to reach the ideal person at the right time without any delay saves time and increases the efficiency of work. For customer experience and emails, one can also build a custom automated workflow.

Unlimited Contacts

You don't have to pay more for contacts just pay for the emails you send monthly. Build your email lists with ease and never worry about paying more.

How to create a professional email marketing content

  • Create your Message- You can start creating with an email template or can build and customize your own design from scratch. Add your style and core message to engage ad target the larger audience base.
  • Customize your Content- With advanced email options, one can personalize the email by adding name contacts name and other information which makes the email more authentic and attractive.
  • Choose your Beneficiaries- With the humongous list of contacts in All In IT Solutions, your imaginativeness has no boundaries! You may also go for a specific smaller section of the audience (geography, gender, age, purchase history, etc) to target and can customize your email according to it.
  • Automation- Complete your message and we handle the tougher part!! With the click of a button, your email campaign will be sent at the perfect time and repetitive steps would be automated which will optimize the time and effectiveness of work.

Fees and Funding

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Our firm offers telephone, video and in person meetings. Telephone and video consultations are always FREE. In order to assess your case you'll need to bring all of the documents the police police, Crown, and/or courts have provided to you. If there are other relevant documents, keep them handy as we will need to review them as the case progresses. It is critically important that you maintain documentary evidence, including such things as text messages.

We also encourage our clients to immediately write down a detailed chronological version of the events in question in order for them to retain their memory. This chronology should include the names and contact information of any potential witnesses.

The cost of your legal defence will depend upon on a number of factors, including the complexity of your case, the amount of Crown disclosure, whether you decide to resolve or proceed to trial, the estimated length of trial, whether you elect a trial by judge alone or by jury, and many other factors.

Prior to being retained, our defence lawyers will meet with you and discuss the anticipated costs of your case so that you can be properly informed. We strive to provide you with the most cost-effective ways of advancing your legal interests.

Moreover, we understand that individuals don’t plan for the costs of litigation and it can be difficult to shoulder the financial burden that a criminal charge imposes. We offer flexible payment plans to ensure that you can receive a high-quality defence while not breaking the bank.

Our fees are billed in what’s called a “fee per service” manner. This means that you are quoted a specific amount in advance of your lawyer completing the task instead of being billed at an hourly rate. The benefit of a fee per service structure is that you’re provided with certainty as to the cost of the legal service purchased.

Once the price of the legal service has been determined and you choose to retain your lawyer, a retainer is typically provided for lawyer to hold in trust. A retainer is a portion of the agreed upon price deposited in advance. Your lawyer will hold this money in a trust account until the agreed-upon legal work is completed, at which time you will be provided a statement and your account will be billed.

What you can expect from your lawyer will depend on what you hire them to do, but on a typical file, your lawyer can be expected to do the following: attend court appearances on your behalf; obtain and review the prosecution’s file; inform you of the alleged facts and of your legal jeopardy; research comparable cases and your defences at trial; formulate an opinion of your chances of success at both trial and at resolution; negotiate resolution with the Crown prosecutor (if directed); prepare for and attend trial; and prepare for and attend sentencing.

Your contribution to your defence is critical to its success. Whether that involves preparing to testify or providing witness contact information, reviewing disclosure or suggesting references for sentencing, completing written interviews or attending specific court dates, a reliable communication and dedicated participation is a must. Your lawyer will expect you to communicate reliably and honestly, and participate diligently in the preparation of your case.

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